Certification Program

"The Art of Focusing Connection"

If Focusing has changed you and your life in a profound way and you want to help other people experience that powerful change,

If you want to apply Focusing in your current profession or field of interest,

If you want to develop a career that is meaningful to you and nurtures your soul,

this Focusing Certification program is for you.

The Focusing Trainer Certification Program is an advanced group and mentored training designed to:

  • deepen the participant’s knowledge and practice of Focusing,

  • develop competency in facilitating Focusing,

  • further develop skills and awareness necessary to teach Focusing to others in both informal and professional settings.

By taking this next step forward, the participants are working towards becoming certified by The International Focusing Institute USA as a Focusing Trainer and Focusing-Oriented Therapist. They are joining an international community of people with a shared commitment: “ to help the human community integrate Focusing into its many ways of living and working, and to see to the continued thriving and evolution of Focusing and Focusing teaching” (http://www.focusing.org). This program provides a safe setting where participants will gain confidence and expertise in facilitating the teaching of Focusing in different contexts or situations, as appropriate for each participant.

Certification Training Prerequisites:

  • The Focusing Fundamentals Training Level 1-3 (equivalent to Levels 1-4 of Inner Relationship Focusing Training), which is a minimum of 45 hours of in-class learning and practice

  • An established regular companionship practice

  • Completed application to become a Trainer-in-Training; upon acceptance, registering with the Focusing Institute as a Trainer-in-Training

Training Program - questions and answers

Q: Who is this program for? Do I need to be a therapist?

A: You do not need to be a therapist or have other formal credentials in order to become a Certified Focusing Teacher/Practitioner. This Certification program is for everyone who is passionate about helping other people learn the empowering skills and attitude of Focusing. This two years training process will support you in developing and demonstrating your ability to provide safe and empowering experience of Focusing process to others, both one-on-one and in groups.

Q: How much of Focusing experience do I need to have to enter your program?

A: A pre-requisite for the Certification program is completing levels 1-3 of Focusing Fundamentals program “Your Body Knows the Answer”, or levels 1-4 of Inner Relationship Focusing program, or some other equivalent program with Certified Focusing Teacher.

Q: What are the program objectives? What will I gain?

A: In this two-year comprehensive program, you will:

·      Further develop and establish consistent Focusing attitude and skills in facilitating and teaching Focusing process

·      Learn to confidently recognise and listen to the unfolding process of life within you and your clients

·      Engage deeper with both Gendlin’s Philosophy of the Implicit and refine the practice of Focusing in order to offer it in integrated and alive way

·      Deepen your understanding of change process with application of Focusing

·      Have ongoing support of your mentor and collaborative community of peers

Q: What is included and how is the program delivered?

A: The program is delivered in person, in a teaching centre in Melbourne, in small groups to ensure individual attention and adjustments to your needs. The main components of the program include a series of one-day workshops every 6-8 weeks over two years, occasional one-on-one sessions with the Coordinator/ mentor, participation in monthly supervision and practice groups, and ongoing, regular partnership practice organised in your own time.

Q: How can I find out more?

To express your interest in joining this program and to get the outline of the full curriculum and all other details, connect with Biliana.

Certification Training Program - New group commences in February 2019