"Focusing in Therapeutic Practice: A Gentle Path to a Radical Change"

This program teaches therapists, clinicians and other healing professionals how to bring the method and attitude of Focusing into their clinical practice. Upon completing this training, you will become a certified Focusing-Oriented Therapist.

Focusing is an experiential, research-based process that inspired much of the somatically-oriented, mindfulness-based therapeutic work being done today. Focusing-Oriented Therapy is a person-centered, integrative approach whose interventions flow naturally from the client’s emerging experience, therapeutic framework, and its relational emphasis. In this therapeutic approach, offering your clients a person-centered relationship is essential, but not enough. The therapist needs to actively encourage, facilitate and teach their clients awareness and the acceptance of their experiencing.

Becoming a Certified Focusing Oriented Therapist:

If you are already a certified counsellor, psychotherapist, social worker, psychologist, or other certified health related therapist, and are currently a member of an appropriate therapeutic association (such as PACFA, ACA, AAHTC, etc.) you may consider certification as a Focusing Oriented Therapist (FOT). This is a highly individualised certification process that involves all the training for the Focusing Trainer/ Professional (see Certification Program page) plus one more two-day workshop, additional clinical supervision in the second year of training and guided readings.

Please connect with Biliana Dearly for details.