About Focusing

What is Focusing?

Focusing is a body-oriented process of awareness, deep emotional healing and growth. Focusing is a therapeutic and healing method; a way of moving our lives forward from stuck places; a tool for decision-making; a way to be in closer contact with the creativity, competence and joy in our lives.

Learning and practicing Focusing will bring you in touch with your deeper knowing by engaging your body’s subtle capacity for “felt sensing”. In such a way, Focusing will help you to access and use your own ‘inner compass’ to navigate the maze of life, towards wholeness and authentic being.

Focusing is a life skill, and everyone can learn it.

All health care professionals can learn Focusing and add it to the work they already do. Their clients can experience desired change in a context of safety, empathy and empowerment.

Focusing is a research-based process, the gentle but powerful way of facilitating lasting change. One of the greatest strengths of Focusing is the ease with which it can be integrated with other therapeutic approaches. 

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How can Focusing help me?

With Focusing you bypass the analysing and guessing mind, and connect directly to your embodied inner knowing about any situation. Maybe you tend to ignore this inner wisdom that is freshly forming in each moment, or you simply don’t know how to connect to it and use it like your own ‘inner compass’.

You can use Focusing for many purposes:

for becoming clear on what you feel and want

  • finding relief from tension, stress and chronic pain

  • making decisions and problem solving in many different situations

  • regulating the state of overwhelm, overreacting or feeling stuck

  • dealing with relational issues or health challenges

  • developing new ideas or connecting to your own creativity

  • integrating your mind, body and spirit

  • connecting to a spiritual dimension of being

  • feeling calmer and more compassionate towards yourself and others

  • greater effectiveness of counselling and psychotherapy processes

  • this list goes on ...

How can I learn Focusing?

Schedule a Focusing session

If you are new to Focusing, I recommend first having your own personal experience by scheduling a one-on-one session with myself, or any other certified Focusing professional. You don’t need prior knowledge, and you will be gently guided through the process. This will give you a first-hand experience, and you can then decide how you would like to move forward with this method.

Inquire or make an appointment with Biliana

Take a course

Focusing is best learned in a group workshops facilitated by a certified Focusing Trainer. You will firstly learn how to do the process on yourself and for your own benefit. You'll then continue on to learn how to facilitate Focusing with others, and how to use it to complement your current way of working.

See more about the training and events.


Live Focusing Demonstration Class

 If you want to observe a Focusing session facilitated by Biliana Dearly, an experienced, certified Focusing-Oriented Therapist and trainer in real time, as it is happening, this class will provide such an opportunity. 

 This Demonstration Class will be 2 hours, starting with Biliana’s brief talk about some aspects of facilitating Focusing session for someone for the first-time. She will then invite in a guest Focuser (a volunteer) and facilitate a session of about 45 minutes. After the Focuser leaves, the class participants will have the opportunity for the remaining hour to ask questions about the process they observed. Participants can ask other relevant questions including how to introduce Focusing to different people in different settings and how to respond to particular difficulties or special circumstances when facilitating Focusing with someone for the first time.

The session will be recorded and all participants will receive the access to the recording for 30 days after the class. 

This class is for everyone: from beginners without any previous training in Focusing who are curious about it, to advanced Focusing practitioners who want to learn further and refine their skills, and for all healing practitioners who are looking for learning to work with clients in a deeper and more efficient way. 

Upcoming Class:

When – Monday 24th June 2019, 6.30pm – 8.30pm

Where – Blue Angel Reiki Centre, 11 Leicester Avenue, Glen Waverley

Cost - $60

Don’t miss out – Places are limited

Can’t make it this time? – You can register and get access to the recording of the course