Focusing Oriented Therapy

Focusing-Oriented Therapy (FOT) and its felt-sensing method offers a unique and empowering experience. FOT is a client-centred and process-informed therapy that incorporates sophisticated means for deep listening and helping clients identify, honour, and express their personal realities and inner truths. Focusing-oriented therapists create a safe, supportive environment and listen to their clients in a nonjudgmental and refined manner, with deep respect for the competence and full potential of each individual.

FOT is about helping you experience a whole new connection with yourself—a connection based on a profound acceptance of and compassion toward all aspects of yourself, and trust in the power and wisdom of your own inner self to guide you. I deeply believe that the most effective way to meet all of the challenges of life and keep thriving and growing is not by fighting or “fixing” ourselves, but by learning to listen to our own inner-knowing that is already present in our own body-mind, just waiting for us to hear them.

As a Focusing-Oriented therapist I will help you access your own creative ways of tapping into deeper levels of awareness and wisdom, and achieving greater happiness.