"Focusing-Oriented Therapy: A Gentle Path to a Radical Change"

Psychotherapy is a place of connection and change. When successful, it helps our clients to transform the pain and go beyond their ways of being stuck and into their new, more satisfying ways of living. What brings and sustains change are key questions for all therapists.  

This workshop outlines the essence and the main elements of Focusing-Oriented Experiential Therapy (FOT) and its distinct approach to clients’ change process.  FOT is a form of process-oriented, experiential therapy that works with immediate experiencing by using the felt sensing method- directly felt the bodily experience of one’s lived reality. FOT holds humanistic values and is based on Gendlin’s philosophical model in which experiencing is the core and precedes any other functions of human consciousness, such as thoughts, memory, emotion, or concepts. Personal meaning is discovered by referring to one’s experiencing.

The main process used in FOT is the Focusing process, as developed and taught by Eugene Gendlin. Focusing is a body-mind awareness process whose efficacy in reducing stress, improving resilience and fostering change and personal growth is demonstrated by a growing body of research.  It has been linked in more than fifty research studies with successful outcomes in psychotherapy. 

The heart of FOT is that change-steps arise from the felt sense, followed by the client’s sensing, symbolising and resonating process. The essential therapeutic element of FOT is founded on the multilayered relational depth – the quality of the relationship the therapist has with the client that supports the relationship the client has with his or her inner experiencing.  The FOT therapist actively encourages, facilitates and teaches their clients awareness, acceptance and relating to their own experiencing, in order to find the steps of their own change process.

The next workshop date 2nd and 3rd November 2019.

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The workshop is part of the Focusing Certification Programme and it can be also attended by anyone who works therapeutically with others and who have completed Focusing Fundamentals training. It will cover:
- Assessment process from the FOT perspective
- Balancing deep inner work with relational dynamics and external present life's dynamics
- Responses and interventions that help a variety of different clients to stay in an empathic, healing relationship with their inner experiencing
- Important variations and limitations in working with different clients' presentations                                              - - Fostering the state of Grounded Presence and inner awareness that helps develop emotion regulation and a stronger sense of self
- Discussion of the multiple case studies.

Becoming a Certified Focusing Oriented Therapist:

If you are already a certified counsellor, psychotherapist, social worker, psychologist, or other certified health related therapist, and are currently a member of an appropriate therapeutic association (such as PACFA, ACA, AAHTC, etc.) you may consider certification as a Focusing Oriented Therapist (FOT). This is a highly individualised certification process that involves all the training for the Focusing Trainer/ Professional (see Certification Program page) plus one more two-day workshop, additional clinical supervision in the second year of training and guided readings.

Please connect with Biliana Dearly for details.