Jungian Sandplay Therapy

Often the hands will solve a mystery that the intellect has struggled with in vain.
— CG Jung

The simplicity and depth of Sandplay provides a space for contact with the inner, symbolic world. It is a powerful therapeutic method that facilitates the pysche’s natural capacity for healing. Similar to our physical wounds that heal under beneficial conditions, the psyche has an instinctual wisdom that emerges when able to operate naturally.

In a 'free and protected' space provided by a trained Sandplay therapist, the client creates a concrete manifestation from his or her imagination and the 'felt sense', using sand, water, and miniature objects. In this way Sandplay helps to honour and illuminate the client’s internal symbolic world, providing a place for its expression within a safe container.

With sufficient time and understanding, a Sandplay experience leads the client into layers of experience that are pre-verbal and long forgotten, or suppressed during painful, traumatic experiences and inaccessible to the conscious mind. The client moves toward a sense of balance and wholeness.

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