Counselling and Psychotherapy Supervision

Psychotherapy and counselling are more than a career. The work we do as psychotherapists is, I believe, a calling, and a vocation. It involves our entire being - not only our minds and skills, but also the wholeness of self. It requires whole-hearted participation - becoming a 'new us' with each and every client. Each therapy relationship teaches, challenges and stretches us, as well as grounds, enriches and nourishes us.

Being a therapist is about developing a ‘therapeutic presence’ – a way of 'being', and the privileged instrument of every successful therapy, polished by the inevitable stresses and down-falls of life and our profession.

We all need help with this work. Not only do we need holding and support in understanding and responding to our clients, but we also need help to sense into and connect with our own deep struggles, 'wants', and the growth potential inherent in these healing relationships. 

Supervision includes more than talking about our clients. I welcome whatever emerges in our supervisory sessions: traditional supervisory exploration, Focusing processes, theoretical discussion, or coaching. I enjoy working with individual therapists (in person or using Skype), or facilitating a group supervision.